• Constipation – A Common Taboo

    Constipation – A Common Taboo

    Constipation is a topic that can be difficult to discuss, but it is very common. It’s important that we do talk about it, as a healthy functioning bowel is fundamental to good health. Normal bowel function means that a soft, well-formed stool is passed at least once per day. Constipation usually occurs because too much

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  • Do you need to ‘detox’?

    Do you need to ‘detox’?

    Isn’t it just a normal body function? Detoxification is a series of natural metabolic processes where our bodies turn toxins from our environment into substances that are less harmful and more easily excreted. It is something that our bodies do everyday, without us even thinking about it. Why then the hype about ‘detox’ that we

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  • Don’t waste antibiotics on  colds and flus

    Don’t waste antibiotics on colds and flus

    Don’t waste antibioitcs on colds and flus   You may have seen the billboard ads urging us to join the fight against antibiotic resistance. This is a campaign from the National Prescribing Sevice (NPS) to reduce our use of antibiotics n Australia, which is currently amongst the highest in the world.   It’s hard to

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  • Dementia is not inevitable

    Dementia is not inevitable

    The numbers of people living with dementia doubles every year. As we live longer we expect our bodies to age, but dementia is not a normal part of ageing. It affects the ability to perform every day activities by reducing the capacity of the brain for memory, thinking and normal behaviour. It is the most

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